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David Chung - Founding Director
Founding Director

David Chung

Corporate and commercial law expert. Startup and technology specialist, focusing on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Health-tech startup founder.

David has considerable corporate and commercial experience, having managed a number of high-value mergers and acquisitions involving ASX listed companies and government bodies.

David co-founded his own health-tech startup in 2016, and brings a unique, entrepreneurial perspective to commercial legal services.

His focus areas include startups, blockchain/cryptocurrencies, intellectual property, business structuring and asset protection, franchising, business sales & purchases, finance & securitisation, and corporate governance.

Sandy Zhang - Associate Director
Associate Director

Sandy Zhang

Intellectual property specialist, experienced commercial litigator, and crypto startup founder. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Sandy is an Associate Director at Creo Legal specialising in intellectual property, commercial and competition law, startups and dispute resolution + litigation.

Sandy has a background in web programming and is an avid blockchain / cryptocurrency enthusiast. He is familiar with multiple programming languages and has been involved in a number of startups, including founding a blockchain project which was later accepted into a ConsenSys-backed accelerator program. Sandy’s broad industry background, commercial acumen and talent for simplifying and resolving complex situations helps him deliver holistic and practical advice for his clients.

He is also an experienced litigator, having instructed Counsel and personally appeared in courts both in Australia and overseas. His experience in litigation and dispute resolution feeds directly into his commercial advice, providing him with unique insight into how a commercial deal can go wrong and what can be done to protect against such a scenario.

Sandy has been recognised in multiple leading publications for his expertise in intellectual property and dispute resolution in particular, having twice been a finalist in the Lawyers Weekly 30 Under 30 national awards and also identified as a Rising Star in the IP and TMT category by Doyle’s Guide.

Sandy is natively fluent in Mandarin Chinese. He utilises his knowledge of Chinese culture and language to facilitate legal protection and resolution of disputes across geopolitical and jurisdictional boundaries.

Kendra Harrison - Senior Associate
Associate Director

Kendra Harrison

Corporate and commercial transaction specialist. Data privacy and security expert.

Kendra has broad corporate and commercial legal expertise, with considerable experience negotiating and facilitating corporate and commercial transactions, including fundraising, restructuring, and mergers and acquisitions.

Kendra has advised businesses of all sizes and across various domains, from startups and small businesses to ASX-listed companies and international organisations.

Kendra’s focus areas include business structuring and asset protection, capital raising, business and equity sales and purchases, corporate governance, contracting advice and negotiation, data privacy and security, and personal and business succession planning.

Christie Gardiner - Consultant - Wills and Estates
Consultant - Wills and Estates

Christie Gardiner

Wills and estate planning expert, focusing on health practitioners, business owners and high net worth families. Leading published academic in succession law, and health system reform.

Christie is a dedicated succession lawyer with considerable experience in wills and estate planning, and health law.

She has trained thousands of lawyers as a lecturer at Australia's leading universities, and regularly publishes academic research on a wide range of legal issues, including complex issues related to wills and estates law, population ageing, governance and health system reform.

Christie works closely with her clients to create highly customised wills and estate plans which are specifically tailored to suit each client's personal circumstances. She believes that every Australian family has the ability to implement practical and tax effective measures for inter-generational asset protection and succession.

Christie's services are particularly well suited to health practitioners, business owners, and high net worth families.

Daegan Leachman - Senior Associate
Senior Associate

Daegan Leachman

Experienced entrepreneur and commercial lawyer. Digital marketing and advertising expert.

Daegan has operated within the startup and commercial realms with a background in dispute resolution and commercial litigation. As a seasoned entrepreneur, Daegan has successfully founded and sold multiple enterprises, while also providing counsel and service to fast-paced multi-million dollar corporations with a robust global online presence.

Drawing from firsthand experience, awareness and legal expertise, Daegan helps entrepreneurs and businesses with pragmatic and strategic advice.

Daegan's focus areas include entity structuring, contract advice and negotiation, industry compliance, digital marketing and advertising, consumer law and protection, as well as data privacy and security.

Bobby Pallier - Senior Associate
Senior Associate

Bobby Pallier

Corporate and commercial lawyer and financial services expert, with considerable experience working with startups and SMEs in various industries and domains.

Bobby has worked in financial services, corporate, commercial, crypto and property / real estate. He has represented various clients, including SMEs, investment funds, education institutions, and high-net-worth individuals.

Bobby was most recently the General Counsel and Compliance Manager at an investment fund holding in excess of $50M funds under management. He was also responsible for ensuring compliance with regulators including ASIC and AFCA.

Bobby's focus areas include Financial Services, Investment Funds, SDEs, Startups, Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies, Structuring, Business Sales & Purchases, and Corporate Governance.

Inoke Faletau - Consultant - Digital Assets
Consultant - Digital Assets

Inoke Faletau

Crypto and digital assets specialist, servicing digital currency exchanges, token issuers and digital asset service providers.

Inoke has over 8 years of experience working in various legal and consulting roles in banking, finance and insurance, including one of the largest financial firms in the world. He leverages his skills and experience to provide concise and pragmatic advice for clients small and large.

Inoke is the founder of The Minted Brief – a consulting and regulatory insights business focused exclusively on blockchain and emerging technologies. He is also a regular speaker at blockchain and cryptocurrency events and conferences and is passionate about blockchain education.

Inoke's focus areas includes: regulatory finance law, AML/CTF compliance, cryptocurrency exchanges, blockchain/cryptocurrencies projects, NFTs, DAOs & Web3, corporate & commercial law, fintechs & startups, and insurance law.

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