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We are blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts who happen to be lawyers.
Our crypto legal services include:

Initial Coin Offerings / Token Generation Events

Initial Coin Offerings and Token Generation Events are unmatched in their ability to fund blockchain and crypto startups and projects, significantly outperforming traditional funding streams, such as venture capital.

We provide a comprehensive A-to-Z legal service for anyone seeking to undertake a private or public sale of cryptographic tokens.

Utility Tokens

“Utility” tokens are cryptographic tokens which may be utilised by token holders as a form of payment (such as Bitcoin), or to gain access to certain goods or services (such as Binance coin, which is used to pay for Binance crypto exchange fees). Sales of “utility” tokens remain largely unregulated in Australia. With appropriate legal documentation, undertaking an Initial Coin Offering or Token Generation Event is 100% legal without much legal compliance.

Security Tokens

“Security” tokens are cryptographic tokens which are deemed to be “securities” under Australian law. They include tokens backed by real world assets (such as real estate), and tokens which give token holders the right to participate in the management or profits of a company or other entity.

The issue or sale of such tokens is highly regulated, and we are experts in undertaking fully compliant security token issues/sales.

Digital Currency Exchanges

Any business which provides a service involving the exchange of fiat currency (such as the Australian Dollar) for any digital currency (i.e. cryptocurrency), or vice versa, is required to register as a digital currency exchange business with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). We provide a comprehensive AUSTRAC registration service for all businesses seeking to provide digital currency exchange services.

Crypto Legal Advice

If you want to incorporate Blockchain technology or cryptocurrencies into an existing business, or set up a new venture in the crypto space, speak to us to ensure that you adopt best practice, avoid common pitfalls, and remain legally compliant.

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