We're hiring!

Are you frustrated with traditional legal practice?
Would you prefer to work from home?
Do you have your own network from which you can source work?

Traditional law firms pay salaries of around 25% of your total annual billings.

We offer our practitioners 75% on a per-file commission only basis (i.e. no base salary) for all work sourced and completed by you.

That means earning the same annually, while working 66% less hours per week.

All practitioners receive a 10% per-file commission for each internal referral to another practitioner in our practice.

We are a fixed fee only practice, so you can forget about time recording and time charging.

Work remotely, autonomously, and flexibly. Ditch the suit, and fire up Zoom, because there has been no better time to go remote and work from home.

See our Focus Areas for an overview of what we do. We are willing to expand our services for any applicants who can bring additional skills and experience to the table, provided that it is consistent with our brand and strategy.

Successful applicants will meet the following criteria:

1. Admitted as a legal practitioner in Australia (any State or Territory);
2. At least four (4) years PAE;
3. Has their own network from which they can source work;
4. Sick of time recording;
5. Sick of traditional legal practice;
6. Wishing to be a digital nomad, or seeking flexible working arrangements.

Email your CV to David Chung, Founding Director, at [email protected].