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We provide the full range of legal services throughout the life cycle of a startup, from idea conception, setting up legal structures, through to raising capital, scaling for growth, and eventual exit.


Set up your structure

When starting a business, one of the first things you need to consider is what structure to use. The best structure for you depends on what you do and what you intend to do. Our job is to work with you to make sure that your structure is cost effective, risk-proof and tax efficient.

Put a founder agreement in place

Many founders make the mistake of forgetting to set the ground rules between themselves. If you are clear on who will do what, and by when, then you will avoid problems in the future. Depending on your legal structure, you may need a Partnership Agreement, Shareholders Agreement, Unit Holders Agreement, or Constitution.

Protect your intellectual property

There's no better way to protect your business than to protect your intellectual property. Your business name, logo, proprietary technology and confidential information are of significant value. By quarantining those things from the risk associated with day-to-day business, you ensure that if things go bad, you can be up and running with a new structure without delay.

Set up your website

No online presence is no presence at all. Having a professional, informative and engaging website is important, regardless of whether you are run a bricks-and-mortar store or an e-commerce marketplace. Every website needs Terms of Use and a Privacy Policy, and if you do business online then you may need a whole lot more.

Acquire, engage and retain customers

Dealing with customers is a part of every business. But with customers, comes risk and liability. Make sure that you are not overly exposed by having appropriate Customer Contracts or Terms and Conditions. Grow your revenue while minimising your risk, so you can create long-term value.

Raise capital

At some point in the life of a startup, you will need to raise money to scale and fund the growth of the business. Bringing on investors is a major decision which requires careful consideration and rock solid legal documentation.


Always be exit ready, even if you don't plan to sell. Being exit ready means that your business is well structured, protected and organised. The process of becoming exit ready can sometimes vastly improve the operation of your business and increase its value.

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